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Polyurea Waterproof Coatings for Floor and Roof with Spray Self-leveling and Brush Application Metho
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Product: Views:127Polyurea Waterproof Coatings for Floor and Roof with Spray Self-leveling and Brush Application Metho 
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Last updated: 2018-05-20 16:46

Polyurea Waterproof Coatings for Floor and Roof with Spray Self-leveling and Brush Application Method 

1. Product Introduction of the Polyurea Waterproof Coatings

Polyurea waterproof coating is two components spray-up elastic coating applied in dry and warm condition. Component A is a half prepolymer through the reaction between hydroxyl terminal compounds and isocyanate. Component B is a mixture consisting of amino terminal resign and amino terminal chain extender, including activator, a little bit pigments and additives.

We are one of the first factories to invent polyurea formula in China and we have been focusing on polyurea for almost twenty years, covering North America, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and most of Southeast Asia market. We are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.

2. Product Parameter(Specification) of the Hand and Roller brush polyurea coatings



HTSPUA-1002 Plus

Solid Content



Viscosity (25℃)



Density (25℃)

A: 1.080-1.160 g/cm3
R: 1.030-1.100 g/cm3

A: 1.080-1.160 g/cm3
R: 1.030-1.100 g/cm3

Volume Mixing Ratio

A:R = 1:1

A:R = 1:1

Shelf Life

1 year

1 year

Gelation Time

10-60 seconds

5-10 seconds

Tack free Time

60-150 seconds

90-150 seconds

Curing Time

24 hours

24 hours

Time to Maximum Strength

7 days

14 days

Tensile Strength









Tearing Strength



Abrasion Resistance



Recommended Thickness



1. It takes seven days for the polyurea coating to completely aggregate and reach final strength.
2. The condition of spray equipments has a great effect on the property of coating.
3. All samples were cured in an oven at 65-70℃ for 24 hours before testing.

3. Product Feature and Application of the Self-leveling polyaspartic polyurea coatings

Polyurea Waterproof Coatings Features:

(1)No VOC’s and little to no Odor

(2)Some systems are USDA and potable approved

(3)Excellent resistance to thermal shock

(4)Waterproof, seamless and resilient

(5)Unlimited mil thickness in one application

(6)Spray, hand mix and caulk grade materials

(7)Excellent bond strengths to properly prepared substrates

(8)Resistant to various solvents, caustics and mild acids

(9)Low permeability, excellent sustainability

Polyurea Waterproof Coatings Application:

It has been already widely applied to waterproofing of industrial plants, large building roofs, cold storage moistureproof coating, dam, bridge, underground engineering, sewage treatment facility, swimming pool and power station.

4. Production Details of the Spray polyurea floor waterproof coatings

The Spray polyurea elastomer can be in different colors(Based on RAL K7 CLASSIC) and it can be applied on all the existing surfaces, like concrete, metal and wood, etc.

Also, it can be sprayed with different colors for special application.

5. Product Qualification of the Spray polyurea roof waterproof coatings

Dongying Aonuo International Trade Co. Ltd.,a collection of scientific research and development, production and marketing into a modern high-tech enterprise, is specialised in manufacturing polyurea raw materials, polyurea spray machines and polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agents DMTDA&DETDA.

Based on the high requirements for products quality over the past twenty years, we have established long-term mutually beneficial business relationships with all of our customers .And we have exported to all over the world, especially Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and all the Southeast Asia countries.

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Polyurea Waterproof Coatings

Delivery Time: 5 days upon receipt of payment.

When we will ship the polyurea products to you, component A and B of polyurea are sealed in 220kg and 200kg drums, respectively.


(1) We can offer you free and systematic training on polyurea waterproof coatings and polyurea spray machines, especially we will show in site work to each of our customers how to spray the polyurea with the machine and the machine daily maintainence.

(2) We have a professional team. We can offer you immediate reply at any time you have problems. Also we can offer engineer overseas service when necessary.

(3) We can offer you samples as you required, both finished polyurea membrane and liquid raw materials are available. 

7. FAQ

8. Latest News:

In order to satisfy our customers’ multiple market demands, our R&D Department has developed the polyaspartic polyurea formula.

The polyaspartic polyurea with 100% solid, high quality, high chemical, abrasion resistant, which is very fast curing, It can be applied as top coating on epoxy screeds in meat, dairy, seafood processing plants.